Too much mail?

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Wed Dec 14 06:48:54 CET 1994

Matti wrote that this list is a bit too much mail for him and asked
about any possibilities to get it "shortened, or somehow concised or
just weekly 'shipments'".

Well, the only way it could be shortened is by someone deciding what
to include and what not to include in the "short version", and I
haven't seen anyone willing to do that job.  If you (or anyone
else) really are interested in "weekly shipments" instead with everything
still intact, please tell me so, as this is something I could arrange.
But those weekly megadigests would be huge...

Another possibility if lots of you have problems keeping up with the
list would be to split it in two lists.  That would of course only
work if those who'd like not quite so much mail are interested in a
subfield of the subject that would be the focus of one of the lists.
I don't know how such a split should be arranged then: Ducks
vs. other Disney comics?  Old (Dell) vs. new Disney comics?
I know that *I* would still subscribe to all mailing lists on Disney
comics if there were a split, and I think many others would do the
same, but maybe some kind of split would benefit some subscribers?
Just tossing out the idea here...
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