The Screaming Cowboy

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Wed Jul 13 01:13:32 CEST 1994

        Dear Folks,

        Knut Hunstad said:  "In the story where DD becomes a song writer,
provoking avalanches by playing his song on a jukebox in a hotel at the
bottom of a valley, what are  the original lyrics?"

        All that's given is "Bury me thar with my battered guitar --
screamin' my heart out for yew!" (yew = you)  The song's title is given as
"The Screaming Cowboy."

        But in 1982 Disneyland Records issued an album of cowboy songs,
some sung (allegedly) by DD, MM, and GO, titled "Pardners."  It includes
someone's attempt at a finished version of this song!!!  It opens with the
howls of what sound like drunken coyotes, which also furnish the chorus; 
then it goes on to a generic "cowboy" voice singing the song.  It starts
with Barks' exact lyrics.  There are some dedicated duck fans out there.

        Which reminds me -- I believe the German D. O. N. A. L. D. sings
this song at their meetings according to an article I once read.  Who
"finished" their version, and what are the words they use?

        Best to all,

        David Gerstein
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