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(There's something wrong with the quoting, it must have been my faul, hope
to have settled it)

From: "Fernando Ventura" <fernandopventura at>

>> Me too, I'm glad I'm not the only one to like him. (I have to say that
>> lately he's gotten a bit worse... I think that's because of the low pay
>> :-( )
>> On Italy too???

I remember speaking with him a couple of years ago and he said that since
they get paid the same for masterpieces and for crap, it is very likely
that they produce more crap, or that they start working for other
non-disney publishers.

>> I never see the PKNA of Intini! But I think it;s terrible to him to see
>> work changed that time by Disney, principally because it's not his name
>> appear.

I agree, that infamous 0/3...

> I like the ink of her histories...Is that made by she, herself? I never
> a credit to a inker on Topolino comics!

They don't credit inkers indeed, and that's a pity. But I think that most
artist do their own inks, maybe all but Scarpa, Cavazzano and Silvia

> I have a question! If I work to Disney Italy comics, I'm obliged to work
> the "italian style", or I can do my style? I mean:

Good question, I don't know!

> I can use the Fethry' original design(well, not the original, the
> style), for example?

Not so different that Italian after all (And lateley even Biquinho, or how
it's spelled, is part of the "Italian family" too),

> I can use the Bark's Money Bin?

You mean no dome? It think so, there are so many different monay bins
around in Itlaian stories

> I can NOT use Battista?

I definitely think so, he's not in all stories.

> I can do a story with Glittering Goldie, besides Briggita?(Well I like a
> Briggita, it's just a question!)

Scarpa did it in the story where Paperetta Ye'-Ye' made his first

> I can work with any Disney Universe...for example, "Os Adolescentes"?

This I really don't know, since I'm not even sure who they are :-)

> Ok...I writted wrong...ReANto Canini...but, the question go for this, or
> about who is he?

The second you said :-) Now I've seen it and well, I can't say I like him

Sprea (Scarpa)

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