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Tue Jun 12 03:01:04 CEST 2001

On Mon, 11 Jun 2001, Henri Michaux wrote:
> John Garvin wrote:
> >2. John Garvin says that anyone who believes that 27
> >years of a great artist's work should be forgotten is
> >arrogant and ignorant.
> Why would that be arrogant? Just because it's Carl
> Barks, is it necessarily good?
> Don't misunderstand me. I know Barks comics by heart -
> and cannot say how much I like them. I have read all
> of them over and over again.
> I have seen his paintings at two exhibitions. I love
> Matisse, Derain, and many other painters. I like Pop
> artists as well. I love Marcel Duchamp. And I think
> that yes, Barks' paintings are very uninteresting.

Hello everyone... I just have to add my two cents here...

Henri: Why should the fact that you, and others with you, don't think
Barks paintings are any good be the deciding factor of wheter Carls
paintings would be remembered? It seem like you and Don Rosa are of the
opinion that as long as you don't like the paintings they can't be
remembered. If that's your opinion, then I feel John Garvin is perfectly
justified in calling it arrogant.

Don't get me wrong... you are entitled to your opinion, but you
shouldn't expect others to always agree with you. I think Barks
paintingts are very nice... a lot better than much of the art I have
seen in museums, and for some reason there are lots of people who would
remember the paintings of Munch, Van Ghogh (sp?), and countless others,
even though I think lots of those paintings are... well... not really

This applies to all fields of art. I can't wait to get my hands on every
new Don Rosa story, because I think he makes great stories. On the other
hand there are people who hate Dons stories, because they think he puts
too many details in them. I'm usually not looking forward to a Marco
Rota story, because I have a thing about his art... others love it...
and there are people out there who don't think Carl Barks should be
remembered for his comics, but rather for his paintings... and I'll be
perfectly happy to let them remember him for that, while I remember him
for his entire work, both comics and paintings...

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