Germund Silvegren germund_s at
Wed Apr 20 12:48:03 CEST 2005

> I know in b/w comics there are cels with different pre-printed dot
> screens, which can simply be rubbed over the artwork by the artist.
> They become part of the linework.

Regarding "ben day" screens, I have seen handwritten directions on
1930's Sunday page originals where the artist has indicated areas
supposed to be dotted by "ben day". I assume it worked the same way
for the Disney Sundays when "ben day" was used.

Taliaferro and Gottfredson sometimes used plastic cells sheets, which
were cut into pieces and glued to the art. I guess it was then
painted with some liquid (or rubbed?) to expose the dotted pattern.
At least in 1950's Taliaferro originals, the borders of the plastic
do not always match the dotted areas. Does anybody here know anything
about the chemistry behind these processes or where to find out?

I've also been wondering about the chemistry behind craftint(?), the
procedure where two different solutions were used to expose
perpendicular sets of parallell lines in the paper, making it
possible for the artist to create wonderful patterns of dark and
lighter grays (depending on whether both liquids or only one were
applied to the same area). I believe Gottfredson use this technique
too in some of the 1938/39 daily adventures (Mighty Whale Hunter etc)
but I have to check that again.

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