Donald Duck Comic Strip BFOSTERLA at
Mon Jan 15 01:13:31 CET 2001

Thank you, Rob Klein. 
   Yes, I wrote the Duck strip from 1980 through 1990, daily and Sunday, and 
I have boxes full of the original roughs.  I always wrote in "storyboard" 
format.  When I edited Donald Duck Adventures, Uncle Scrooge Adventures, 
DuckTales and Walt Disney's Comics and Stories I almost always did a layout 
sketch for the covers, and I have most of those, too.  I was always delighted 
by the final artwork that artists interpreted from my sketches.  Their 
problem was putting the characters on model while trying to retain some of 
the attitudes I had put into the roughs.  A real challenge!  The solutions 
they came up with were always impressive. If DCML readers are interested, and 
if I can figure out how to scan and send, I'd be happy to post some of the 
roughs next to copies of the final art so DCML members can see what a great 
job the artists did (for educational purposes, of course.) I've recently 
moved, so I'd have to dig things out of storage, but give me some time and 
I'll see what I can come up with. 

Bob Foster

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